ICO Marketing Checklist 2021- To Promote your ICO

ICO Marketing Checklist 2021
ICO Marketing Checklist 2021

ICO marketing is an essential part of every project. It involves promoting the benefits of the tokens to the prospective investors. Since it has become the numero uno option for capital raising in an organized manner, marketing becomes crucial to fulfill all the objectives that the project seeks to achieve.

  1. It involves gathering business requirements.
  2. Preparing a comprehensive marketing strategy.
  3. Sharing insightful content through a variety of communication channels to introduce your ICO project in the market.
  4. Analyzing the results achieved regularly.
  5. Tweaking the strategy by making suitable changes to enhance it and improve the overall effectiveness.

Some of the Factors to Consider Before Kickstarting ICO Marketing

Check if blockchain is really needed for your project. Though blockchain technology is being used across several industries now, it cannot be utilized everywhere for providing a solution to a problem. A feasible use case is needed to make use of decentralized ledger technology.

Finalize the economics of the token being offered to potential investors like its price, the total supply, and the underlying real-world assets behind it. These aspects have to be considered once the token has been launched in the market. More tokens will have to be created depending on the demand from investors.

Follow all the regulations regarding the issuance of tokens by complying with the guidelines issued by a certified authority in your jurisdiction. Hire some legal experts to avoid any unforeseen emergencies. Some countries like China and South Korea have issued a blanket ban on ICO’s.

Have the right set of team members who are well-versed in different fields like social media management, campaign management, blockchain development, financial advice, marketing, accountancy, and providing round the clock technical support to the users.

What Are the Key Components of the Initial Coin Offering Marketing Checklist 2021?

Social media engagement — A lot of Cryptocurrency traders spent most of their time online. Launch your presence on the major networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Quora, Reddit, and Steemit. Share all the latest updates of your ICO by sharing crisp posts.

Cryptocurrency forums — Bitcointalk, Cryptocurrencytalk, and Bitcoingarden feature insightful discussions about the fast-growing Cryptocurrency space. Aim to attain more exposure by attracting prospective investors.

Whitepaper preparation — Draft a comprehensive whitepaper that explains your ICO project in a detailed manner. It should cover the technical aspects, financial information, and legal terms and conditions. Include details about the background of your team members and the token distribution strategy. The whitepaper should also include the problem that the ICO is aiming to solve and how different it is from what is already provided by the competitors in the market.

Use ICO Calendars — ICO Calendars have an extensive list of existing and upcoming ICO’s in the industry. Some of the leading ICO calendars are ICOlist, ICOCountdown, ICObench, ICOmarks, and ICO Crowd.

Utilize paid advertising — Paid advertising involves targeted communication based on the user’s geographical location and demographic characteristics. Tools like Google Adwords and Bing Ads can be used. You can get a positive buzz around your ICO project in quick time. However, advertising platforms have rigid rules and regulations in place now regarding the content that can be shared on their platforms due to the huge number of scams and frauds that took place earlier cheating gullible investors. Paid advertising can take different forms like sponsored posts and banner ads. Tools like Facebook Audience Insights can be used to know more about your target audience. Organizing PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns will increase the number of users and also lift the traffic to your website.

Indulge in Email marketing — Email is still one of the popular modes for professional communication and official interaction. Copywriters can be asked to write crisp newsletters and send direct messages to interested investors. Get the emails of those investors by starting an opt-in/sign-up initiative. Autorespond to mails to save time and effort. It will also ensure an immediate follow-up. Email marketing helps to boost the overall conversion rates.

Influencer marketing — Get hold of well-known personalities to promote your ICO on platforms like YouTube. Since they have a large following already, they will be able to convince investors to purchase your tokens. Influencers can create engaging videos. They can be given tokens for free or a certain percentage of the funds raised in the ICO for their services.

Organize Airdrop and Bounty programs — Airdrops will involve the free distribution of tokens to selected groups of users. It can be conducted on platforms like AirDropAlert, AirDropsMob, and TheAirDrops. Bounty programs involve rewarding the users for completing specific tasks assigning to them like social media promotion or translation of content.

Involve in Search Engine Optimization — SEO helps to improve the rankings in search results on major search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. It comprises on-page optimization, off-page optimization, keyword research, organic link building, and content marketing.

Report preparation — Try to know the progress made in the marketing campaign by compiling monthly reports, Google Analytics report, and a lead generation report.

Share press releases — Tie up with the top industry-related websites like CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Hacker Noon, Business Insider, and Coinspeaker. Content contributed to these platforms gets a wide reach.

Community management — Answer all the questions posed by your investors on a timely basis. You can create a FAQ list, engage new people into the conversation by hiring moderators for organizing discussions, and use polls to know the target audience’s mindset.

Online reputation management — Carve a strong reputation for your brand to make yourself unique in the industry. This will ensure a high level of trust and reliability for your ICO project.


With so many ICO projects being launched now in the industry, only a few will survive and become highly successful by raising a lot of funds. Hence, tailor-made promotional strategies are needed to share information about your ICO proect. More adoption of blockchain technology and regulations in favour of Cryptocurrencies will take ICO’Conclusione on ensuring stability and safeguarding the investors’ rights by reducing the amount of risks. Before kickstarting any ICO project, it is important to know how to create ico marketing checklist.

All the above-mentioned services as part of the ICO Marketing Checklist 2021 are provided by Blockchain App Factory in a customized and result-oriented manner. A well-planned strategy is prepared, implemented across several communication channels, the progress of the campaign in line with the desired results to be achieved will be evaluated and necessary modifications will be made from time to time.

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VanessaJane is a Blockchain Consultant, been in the Software Development Industry for the last 4+ years.

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